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Due to the brutality of Balalaika's attacks on the Kosa Council, Bando organizes another meeting with her, but learns that she will execute her plans as she sees fit. After the meeting, Rock is beaten by Chaka, a brazen Washimine Group member, and Revy promises to kill him. After asking Benny to send Revy her signature pistols, Rock meets Yukio again. The two discuss one's ability to choose their path in life, and Yukio quotes Jean-Paul Sartre. When she leaves, she tells Rock her surname is Washimine, and Rock realizes that she is part of the Washimine Group. At her home, Bando and Ginji discuss the future of the Washimine Group, noting that only a direct descendant of the previous boss can claim his position. The following day, Bando attempts to assassinate Balalaika, but fails and Balalaika kills him. After hearing this, Yukio, as the granddaughter of the previous leader, agrees to become the leader of the Washimine Group and Ginji swears his loyalty to her.

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In name association to Summary.

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