Shane Caxton
Name Shane Caxton
Gender Male

Hair Blond

Professional Status
Affiliation NSA
Occupation Soldier
Team Grey Fox
Personal Status
Marital Status
Weapon of Choice Colt M4A1 Carbine

Colt M1911

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 44: El Baile de la muerte Part 1
Anime Debut Episode 25: Collateral Massacre
Japanese Voice Shinji Ogawa
English Voice Ron Halder

Shane Caxton (シェーン・キャクストン, Kyakusuton) was an American soldier working for the NSA in an Army unit called Grey Fox.


Caxton is a Major in the United States Army with decades of experience in combat. During the Vietnam War, the men in his former unit tried to rape and kill a little Vietnamese girl. Shane's attempt to stop them resulted in a firefight, in which the rest of his unit, except for one other man, was killed. His group was deployed in Venezuela to assassinate Diego Lovelace using a bomb. As a result of their success, Shane's group hid in Roanapur. Unfortunately for Caxton and his men, Lovelace's assassination put Rosarita "Roberta" Cisneros on their trail, hungry for revenge. He and the rest of Grey Fox were attacked by Roanapur gangsters, who they killed with ease, only to run into both Roberta and Balalaika, flanked by Hotel Moscow. At the end of the ordeal (this was only shown in the OVAs), Shane is depicted alongside Fabiola and the Japanese victim's family meeting up with Roberta and Garcia at the mansion. Shane most likely found the man's family and brought them to Roberta to show her that there was no need to atone for her sins.


  • He is apparently modeled after Ed Harris' character Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel from the film The Rock
  • During the flashback to the Vietnam War, it was shown that Caxton was a Lieutenant, but more than two decades later, he only holds the rank of Major. A real-world American military officer would hold the rank of at least a Colonel (if not higher) after so many years of service.
  • The name of Caxton's unit, Gray Fox, is also the name of an ISA Unit that helped to track down Pablo Escobar
  • The name Gray Fox is also the codename of Frank Jaeger, a major character from the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • During the flashback to the Vietnam War, we can see on Caxton uniform's and on his unit too, the tab of the SFG (Special Forces Group, or the Green Beret's), who that means he is a member of the Special Force's of the US Army. It's highly possible during the event's of the manga, him and his unit was now member's of the Delta Force, by the color name in the squad (Grey, like one of the platoon of Delta), the fact they worked under NSA orders, the affiliation of the JSOC (Joint Special Operation Command) and the USSOCOM (United State's Special Operation COMmand), and their gear's and armement's (M14-M21/Colt 1911/Some Colt Rifle like M4/M727/M653 used by Delta operator's during this timeline).

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