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The islands where Roanapur is located
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Roanapur is a city in Thailand where most of the population are criminals.


After the Vietnam War, Roanapur became a city where deserting soldiers and prostitutes ran like wild. It was explained by Mr. Chang that thirty-five years before the start of the series Roanpur was a dying port town. Chang goes on to state that Roanapur is a criminal center that was made by criminals cooperating for single common interest.


Roanapur is an island with run down streets houses and buildings, including the Yellowflag Bar. It has a mountain section where poorly made houses are situated and a giant Buddha statue with its face eroded away near the harbor.


The most well known groups in Roanapur are the Rip-off Church, the Triad , and Hotel Moscow. Some of the less well known groups are the Verrocchio and jaws from the Italian mafia, an unnamed crime syndicate, and the CIA.

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