Mr. Chang
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Mr Chang

Name Mr. Chang
Gender Male
Affiliation Hong Kong Triad
Weapon Beretta 76/AMT Hardballer (dual-wield)
Race Chinese
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 11: Bloodsport Fairy tale Part 1
Anime Episode 11: Lock'n Load Revolution
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Anime Voice Trevor Devall
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Bai Ji-Shin Chang (張維新 Chan Waisan), also known as "Mr. Chang," is the boss of a Thailand branch of the Sun Yee On Triad. Similar to Revy, he is adept with dual-wielding pistols (Beretta 76 and AMT Hardballer) in a fashion similar to that of 'Gun-fu', and is far more proficient in this dual-wielding gun-fighting style than Revy, who, in episode 11, freely admits that she is "not on his level yet".


Most of Chang's background is unknown. Before joining the Triad, Chang was in law enforcement, presumably in Hong Kong. His departure from his previous job into the Triad is tantamount to betrayal, as it caused the deaths of some of Chang's former co-workers.

It is also not known if Roanapur was Chang's original post or how long he has been in the city, but Chang's residency in Roanapur predates that of the other crime lords. He fought Balalaika in 1993 when Hotel Moscow came to the city in a battle so intense that it nearly destroyed the city. The Italian mafia and Colombian cartel arrived at some time after that battle.

Like Revy, he is adept with dual-wielding pistols in a fashion similar to that of gun-fu, and favors a pair of Beretta 76 pistols. The grips of these weapons are inscribed with two Chinese symbols (天帝), meaning "Heavenly Emperor."


Chang seems easily amused, and unusually-easygoing and lighthearted, especially given his position. This might be attributed to the fact that he was once a member of law enforcement, which he reveals to Rock after being called 'an inhuman scumbag' and laughing out loud in response. He might very well see his current position as an ironic twist of fate.

Chang in action
His past as a police officer may explain his combat expertise. Chang manages to survive a shootout with Balalaika, escape from ambush of superior number of Islamic Front jihadists, and disarm Fabiola easily. His expertise is often overshadowed by his easygoing character, in comparison with the other more serious characters.

And unlike most criminal bosses in the town, he advocates cooperation and joint ventures in order to keep the status quo in Roanapur.



He has a deep respect for Balalaika, who annoys him by referring to him as "Babe"; Chang refers to her "Fry Face" in return. Their relationship is almost playful in a business sort of way, which began after they survived a shootout with each other in 1993. The deal between the Hotel Moscow and the Triads that was brokered by Dutch following the shoot-out appears to the basis for Roanapur's continued prosperity, as Chang has trouble keeping the city's various violent factors in check while Balalaika and her forces are in Japan during the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise story arc. There also appears to be a deeper relationship built on what Balalaika refers to as "trust and profit" since the two characters meet in private on several occasions to exchange information.


He is often amused at Rock's "unique" way of handling things, once commenting that Rock's actions will determine the fate of not only Garcia and Roberta, but of Roanapur itself.


He may have a slightly adversarial relationship with Eda, as seen by his conversation with her (which might mean that she is one of his US Government contacts) concerning "Grey Fox," the unit responsible for the death of the head of the Lovelace Family, and gets irritated when she taunts him while suggesting that he not do anything "foolish," as it will mean the destruction of Roanapur at the hands of the United States.


Both Chang and Revy use a unique double-handed gun-slinging style, leading to speculation that Chang served as Revy's coach or mentor at some point in the past. This theory is supported by Revy's respect for Chang, whom she refers to as "Boss" or "Sir". Chang and Revy are seen fighting side-by-side while in the roles of mentor and student during Lock'n Load Revolution. Chang offers pointers and advice while Revy, in turn, admits that she is "not yet on [his] level", which is her goal.


  • Mr. Chang is based on characters commonly played by Chow Yun Fat in John Woo movies, such as John Lee in The Replacement Killers, Ah Jong in The Killer, and Mark Gor in A Better Tomorrow, as both Chang and Gor are members of the Hong Kong Triad, wield two pistols in shootouts, although Mark Gor is using Beretta 92f, John Woo favourite handgun, and don similar attire.
  • Mr. Chang has a bit of a dark side, as seen when he was willing to use Garcia to make Roberta leave Roanapur. He also subtly threatened Rock into manipulating Garcia and Fabiola.
  • Mr. Chang seems to love Roanapur, as he puts its safety above other peoples' lives.
  • It was revealed in the manga, and in the anime that Mr. Chang was once a cop and killed his superiors' friends.
  • In the first light novel, Chang carries a Classic Dupont butane lighter.
  • In the first popularity poll, Chang ranked 3rd place with 433 votes.

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