Fabiola Iglesias


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Name Fabiola Iglesias
Gender Female
Affiliates Garcia Lovelace
Rosarita Cisneros
Affiliation Lovelace Family
Weapon MAG-7s
China Lake NATIC
Race Venezuelan
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 45: El Baile de la muerte Part 2
Anime Episode 25: Collateral Massacre
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Satsuki Yukino
English Anime Voice Shannon Chan-Kent
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Fabiola Iglesias (ファビオラ・イグレシアス; Fabiora Igureshiasu) is the second maid of the Lovelace Family.


She is called a mini version of the killer maid (the killer maid named Roberta) as she wears the same Maid uniform. However, Fabiola is shorter, with green hair and eyes. Most of her mannerisms are similar to Roberta, using kind words, but she has a generally childish personality (which Revy makes fun of her for) compared to Roberta.


She first appeared in Roanapur to seek out Rock for help in the retrieval of Roberta. In battle, Fabiola uses a pump action China Lake Natic, MAG 7s and a shoe knife. Fabiola also uses a self-taught Capoeira, which she combines with her gun-play. 

In the Anime OVAs and the missing pages of Chapter 76, after Garcia "kills" Caxton, Roberta and incidentally himself, Rock reveals it was actually his plan, so he could save someone. Enraged, Fabiola shoots him with a fake bullet.

Her relationship with Garcia is very unclear, but it is assumed that she shares the same loyalty towards Garcia as Roberta (though Roberta appears to actually be in love with their young master, unlike Fabiola). He looks at her like family, in a similar way to Roberta.

She has also mentioned her family to Revy once, telling her that she had a loving family. Claiming that her father had a small job and her mother would not tolerate any sins, for example when Fabiola once stole a CD player for her younger brother, her mother had beaten her up black and blue. Revy had told her it sounded like abuse to her but Fabiola just shook it off and told her she wouldn't understand.


  • It's revealed that she loves swimming but tried to hide it from everyone because she was too nervous to admit it.
  • Even though she is good at using weapons and can kill people mercilessly, she still shakes in fear after she has killed someone--a clear indication of her not being a natural-born killer. This also explains why she was equipped with oversized or rapid-fire weapons exclusively, as both types of weapons compensate for her decreased combat proficiency resulting from inexperience as well as her actual reluctance to kill.
  • It's revealed that she doesn't like killing someone (She couldn't kill an injured soldier and became enraged when she saw Revy kill a wounded soldier mercilessly ).
  • In the First Popularity Poll, Fabiola ranked 9th place with 193 votes.