Collateral Massacre
Roberta Collateral-massacre
Episode 25, OVA
Title Collateral Massacre
Release Date July 17, 2010
Manga Chapters El Baile de la muerte Part 1
El Baile de la muerte Part 2
El Baile de la muerte Part 3
El Baile de la muerte Part 4
El Baile de la muerte Part 5
El Baile de la muerte Part 6
El Baile de la muerte Part 7
El Baile de la muerte Part 8
Chapter guide
The Gunslingers
An Office Man's Tactics


After Roberta's employer, Diego Lovelace, dies in an explosion set by US agents at an event of an emerging left-wing party in South America, she disappears to hunt down and kill the perpetrators. Some time later, Garcia Lovelace is accompanied to Roanapur by his maid and bodyguard Fabiola Iglesias. Following a shootout with enemies Roberta made during her last visit to the city, Fabiola takes the Lagoon Company to see her young employer, whom she finds in the presence of Chang. Garcia and Fabiola recount to their guests what has transpired and make a job offer, which Dutch declines in the name of the Lagoon Company, unwilling to get drawn into a conflict with the United States. The offer, however, is directed specifically at Rock. Meanwhile, Roberta appears in the city, looking for equipment necessary to wage war.

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