Name Benny
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Affiliates Dutch
Affiliation The Lagoon Company
Race Caucasian-American (Jewish Descent)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 00: Black Lagoon
Anime Episode 01: The Black Lagoon
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Hiroaki Hirata
English Anime Voice Brian Drummond
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Benny (ベニー, Benī) is a computer hacker/mechanic and fellow pirate of the Lagoon Company.


He is a dropout from the University of Florida where he studied computer engineering until he got into trouble with the FBI and the mafia, and would have ended-up dead if Revy had not saved him. Since then he has worked in the Lagoon Company for two years before Rock came along. In the second season, he met Greenback Jane, and, after impressing her with his computer abilities, began an online relationship with her. Jane returned to Roanapur following the teams completion of the Lovelace Incident and Benny meets up with her in the Wired Red Wild Card saga.

Although there have been no actual hints of Benny's age, judging from his appearance, Benny could be in his mid 20's to early 30's


Benny worked as the Lagoon Company's mechanic, computer specialist, and researcher. He also functioned as the Lagoon's driver, and appeared to be the owner of the red 1969 Plymouth RoadRunner/GTX (he also had a 1965 Pontiac GTO that could be seen in Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA) that Lagoon Company traveled around Roanapur in, he could also drive the Company's P.T. Boat Black Lagoon when Dutch was not onboard. He was Jewish, or at least of Jewish descent as he put it in Episode 5, and was often called "Benny-Boy" by Dutch.

Benny has an easygoing and non-violent personality: He readily admits to Rock that the two of them are not gunfighters in any way, shape, or form, and the two became friends. Unlike Rock, however, Benny is hardened to the job and was willing to turn a blind eye to Revy and Dutch's more morally questionable methods. He was also a realist when it came to dealing with the injustices of the world and tried to toughen up Rock when he could not bear what happened to other people like Hänsel and Gretel.

Benny also tends to be possessive of his computers, and would not let anyone else touch them.